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Saving For a Down Payment? 10 Tips That Really Work!

Everyone daydreams of buying their own place, but with the rising cost of homeownership, saving up enough money for a down payment on even a small place can seem like an impossible task. But with careful planning and a little creativity, you can have enough money saved for a down payment sooner than you ever […]

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Dry Winter Skin? Homemade Lotion Bars Are The Answer

Winters can mean harsh winds that are brutal for your skin! You can slather lotion on your hands every five minutes and they’ll still cry out for more. Thankfully, this homemade rescue for dry, cracked winter skin will get rid of that itchy feeling once and for all. And because it comes in a ‘bar’ […]

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10 No-Cost Cat Toys That Entertain (and Save Your Furniture)

Cats need healthy food, access to fresh water, and plenty of stimulation and exercise to maintain mental alertness, strong muscles, and overall good health.  And it can be challenging at times, to keep our furry friends engaged. You could spend hundreds of dollars on toys at your local pet shop on commercially made cat toys, […]

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