Improve Your Circulation And Stay Warm!

We all struggle to keep warm at one point or another during the chilly winter and early spring days (and nights), but did you know that you can keep warm by simply improving your circulation? 

Circulation has a significant impact on how warm we feel. And poor circulation can mean fingers and toes start to feel numb or tingly. 

What Causes Poor Circulation 

How blood circulates throughout your body can be affected by a wide variety of conditions, including blocked or damaged arteries, diabetes, high cholesterol, and stress. 

If you’re anything like me when the mercury falls, or those sharp winds blow, the only thing you want to do is snuggle under a blanket with a dog and wait for summer. 

And as tempting as that may be, a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to poor circulation along with a host of other damaging health issues, such as weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, and even depression. 

So with spring still a few weeks away, here are three ways to improve your circulation and stay warm it gets here! 

Say Good Morning with Ginger Tea 

Skip the cup of coffee and reach for a steaming cup of ginger tea for all-day warmth. Simmer a 1-inch piece of peeled ginger root in a cup of water for about five minutes. Add honey for a sweeter start to your day. Hot ginger tea is a natural way to warm up the body. It will also calm any tummy issues you may have in the morning, including symptoms of morning sickness. 



Yoga. Improving circulation is another benefit of participating in a regular yoga class. Look for free in-person classes at community centers or even some library locations, or head over to Youtube and check out my favorite yogini, Yoga With Adriene 

Go Swimming 

While you may be thinking that swimming is just for summer, going for a heated swim is the perfect winter activity. The warm water in the pool naturally helps to improve circulation, increase your body temperature, and relax tight muscles. A quick thirty-minute swim twice a week will have you feeling warm all winter long. 

Go For a Spin 

If you hate to pack your bike away for winter, spinning might be just what you’re looking for. Riding stationary bicycles indoors, also called spinning, is an ideal way to do what you enjoy despite the snow and ice outside. 

Exercise is one of the simplest things we can do for improved circulation. And with a few weeks still on the calendar, it’s a perfect time to get moving. 

Failing Your Workout Resolution Already? Here’s How You Can Motivate Your Mojo

We have all said it at one time or another. 

I’m too lazy. 

I’m too tired. 

I don’t have time.

There are a hundred reasons to avoid working out. And, to a certain extent, they carry some truth. Today’s busy, fast-paced lifestyle leaves little time to invest in activities like these. If working out were easy, everyone would do it!

After working all day, too often you just don’t feel like you can workout.  Maybe you can find the time, but not the energy to engage in the physical exercise necessary to help loosen up that stiff body.  For most of us, after 8 hours of sitting in a chair at the office, you come home to sit in another chair:  this one in front of the TV.  It’s hard, almost impossible, to gather up the motivation to stretch out those tired, hard-working arms and legs.

Some lucky people can make the time, but find exercise itself too humdrum.  It’s natural to get bored doing the same workout routine every day.  But, there are ways to tackle the problem of exercise ennui:  get together with a friend or neighbour and workout together. Maybe even engage some friendly competition to see who can loose five pounds, or a dress size, first – whatever your personal goal is.  If that doesn’t work for you, try changing it up: if you traditionally work out in a gym, then why not go outside?  You might find an activity such as cycling or swimming to be just what was missing.  Our muscles also benefit from switching up the routine, so you’re not only bolstering your interest you’re increasing your overall health and fitness level!

Yoga With Adriene on Youtube

If you’re self-conscious or shy about joining an exercise class or group activity, or if there just aren’t enough leftover coins in the bottom of your purse to invest in a class you can always pop on a workout DVD (try borrowing from your local library for free). is also a great resource.  Do a search for “yoga workout for beginners” and you’ll find plenty of variety to whet your appetite, and work out in the comfort of the living room.  

Image by rob9040

If you’re waiting for a perfect time to start, this is it!  That “perfect time” doesn’t exist the way we think it does.  There will always be some justification to postpone exercising, if you want to.  But the good thing is that same little voice telling you there’s a reason to delay, can also be your greatest motivator.  It can be the cheerleader that will always reassure you there’s time in a day to squeeze in even ten minutes of activity.  

If you’re carrying extra weight, and your goal is to shed a few inches, you may feel overwhelmed by the task.  But remember, you’re not loosing all that weight at once, because no one does.  And, while working out is good for shrinking the waistline, it  also has cardiovascular health benefits. It makes your body flexible and strong, and doesn’t that feel so much better than a dozen little aches after bending, even just a little?  And, not only is working out good for physical health, but studies have shown that exercise releases stress and is key in maintaining a positive, happy outlook. 

Whichever method you chose, you’ll be glad you did.  At the end of the day moving is always better than not moving.